Going Wireless

Going Wireless

I am a big fan of tech and carry a lot of it with me on a daily basis and surprisingly enough I actually utilise them all. My daily arsenal of tech involves the following:

Understandably, that makes me look like a pretentious dousche…but Ohwell, I’m an IT Engineer it could be worse.

The Samsung Gear S3 and Powerbeats are the latest additions to my arsenal and have taken me fully wireless…except for charging but what can you do. With these additions, I have been able to make my workflow completely wireless in the sense that I can listen to music on all of my devices. I can change my music and answer calls from my wrist with the help of the S3.

I think what I like most about the S3 and powerbeats combination is that when I’m out and about I can easily see all of my notifications without the effort of getting my phone out. Yes, I’m that lazy…Even though I will probably be on the other phone but still it’s nice to be able to see it at a glance. Another thing that makes me feel like a true tech king is answering the phone with just a quick tap on the wrist.

Long story short going wireless really speaks to my inner geek and allows me to Nerd out daily. I will not lie though there are the downsides that everything that is wireless needs to be charged so I can be left in a tricky situation sometimes but for the most part that is my fault for poor planning. Also, I have a 4-port USB charger that works wonders so I don’t need several plugs…Just a whole bunch of cables.


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