Windows Vista is dead

Windows Vista is dead…When was it alive?

As of today, 11th April 2017, Windows Vista has officially been discontinued. Vista has been with us for a decade but has finally run its course.

Microsoft announced the death of its operating system in this article that outlines that it will stop all security updates for the OS.

I don’t know about you but I won’t be losing any sleep over this announcement. Frankly, I think I might sleep better. Windows Vista, Along with Windows 8, was one of the operating systems that I skipped. Although it introduced the cascading windows it wasn’t really doing it for me and I stayed on the good old reliable XP.  Yes, There would have been several benefits to upgrading to Vista but I didn’t feel that they outweighed the issues.

For those of you who have the misfortune of still running Vista, you don’t need to panic just yet. Although security updates are being stopped as of today you can still run vista as normal. Over time developers will stop creating software and it will inevitably be phased out.

This would be a good time to move to Windows 10 if possible with your workflow. If it’s not possible for you to move to Windows 10 at this time I would suggest moving to Windows 7 at least.

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