Why I use DropBox

Why do I use DropBox? Because it’s simple. I have been using DropBox for a couple of years now and it has never failed me and it works seamlessly with all my devices. It even gives me good access to my files from my phone whilst I’m on the go…Which doesn’t bode well for my “I left the file on my laptop” excuse for not getting work done.

At an earlier stage in my Tech life I had a bit of a greedy set up. I had a gaming rig of which I had spec’d and built myself, an iMac, a windows Laptop and a MacBook Pro. In my defence though the MacBook Pro was a work laptop but the rest was me being greedy. Utilising DropBox with setup made moving files between the machines was a breeze. All I had to do was save it to the DropBox folder and allow it time to download on all the other devices and I was good to go.

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Backups are a very crucial part of computing but unfortunately they are often left out of the workflow or overlooked. I won’t lie there has been times when I don’t think about backups because I believe that there isn’t anything that can go wrong. Side story – Someone asked me to look into something with their emails and I thought nothing of it. During the process I ended up deleting thousands of emails that where no longer linked on a server and where theoretically gone. Did I think about doing a backup before looking at the emails…No, I was just looking at emails who would have thought to do a backup. In the end we managed to recover the emails in the most part at the small cost of my weekend…But it was done.

Using DropBox over the years has given me a sense of security with my files because I know that all my key files are backed up. That’s why I don’t do full backups of my machines anymore. Yes, This would make recovery time a lot longer if there was something substantial to go wrong with my machine but that doesn’t concern me as much as losing all of my data from the past few years.

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For a long time, I was using the free version of DropBox but then I decided I wanted to do some work with larger graphical files and went for the paid version. The paid version is only £7.99 a month but it gives you 1TB of cloud space…Personally I think that is a no brainer.

Other Services

Obviously, DropBox is not the only one of its kind and some of the other solutions may be a better suit for you and workflow. DropBox fit into my life a lot easier than a few other services did, but there was still a few that I hadn’t tried. A few others are:




Amazon Cloud Drive

Let me know in the comments below or on twitter (@NerdCaveTech) which one you prefer to use and why


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