My thoughts on the Wireless Powerbeats

If you have seen my recent article about the Samsung Gear S3 then you will know that I had a lonely valentine’s day that evolved into me buying myself some tech. That’s where the S3 and the powerbeats came into the picture.

I bought the powerbeats to replace my current Beats Studio that I have been using in the gym for the past few years. The sound quality and battery life is still great on it but unfortunately the rubber ear pads are starting the fall apart. I’ll be honest, I haven’t considered whether or not they can be changed, I just used it as an excuse to buy some new tech.

I had been considering buying the Powerbeats for a while but was in two minds but have you ever noticed that when you are thinking about buying something, you see them everywhere. For days before I bought them I saw them everywhere.

Battery Life

The battery life is stated to last for 12 hours but I have yet to use them for such a length of time in one go. With me using them on and off throughout the day the Powerbeats tend to last me roughly 2 days. Now I know that that doesn’t sound like much but for me it’s great because I am more than happy to put them on charge after work or overnight or even over lunch.


Connecting my beats to my devices was seamless. Even more so on the iPhone. The iPhone pairs by simply placing the beats next to the phone and then it asks if you would like to connect…Simple as.

My issue with the connectivity of the headphones isn’t to do with the headphones themselves, it’s to do with the devices I have them linked to. I have two phones and a Bluetooth enabled laptop that are paired with my powerbeats and they all fight for attention. When I turn my laptop on it automatically steals the connection even if I was listening to something.

General thoughts

Personally, I have really fallen in love with the Powerbeats. They have fit into my life perfectly and allow me to go about without cables spanning from my pockets. The lack of wires makes me feel like I am truly living in the 21st century. It also allows me to roam around my office a lot more freely without losing connection to my laptop or to my phone if it is on charge.

My pet peeve

This is an issue that isn’t really an issue with the headphones and therefore shouldn’t take anything away from the quality of the powerbeats. I ride a motorbike as my main form of transportation (KTM 690 Duke for those interested) and therefore have a helmet on a lot of the time. The Powerbeats don’t sit comfortably underneath a helmet and dig into my ears so therefore I can’t use them when I am riding. Which is a shame but it means the battery on them last longer for the rest of my day’s activities.

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