The holy grail that is Steam

What is Steam?

If you don’t know what Steam is then you need to come out from under the rock you have been living under for the past decade and get to terms with the ultimate gaming marketplace. Steam is the centre of (mostly) the whole PC gaming community. There are other gaming marketplaces that PC gamers can use but Steam, in my opinion, has won the market and not in an iPhone vs Android kind of way, more like a Heinz beans vs the world kind of way.

Steam is not only the marketplace for PC gamers but it is the heart of the community as well. Users of steam can communicate through voice and text and can send each other gifts from in-game items to full games. I don’t know about you but I haven’t had many full games bought for me so if anyone is out there buying you games…Stay close to them.

A friend of mine once marveled in the blissness that is steam because he said “It just works. I can message you and there is never an issue and I can just invite you to a game in seconds…It’s epic”. I agree. I don’t think I have ever had any issues with Steam.

Steam Sales

If you are familiar with Steam, then you know that a Steam Sale is a regular thing. With such a thing being so regular you would also think that users would be desensitized and would give it a glance but not a second thought…Well, you would be wrong. The worst mistake I ever made was linking my PayPal account to my Steam account because then I didn’t even have to move out of my seat to find my wallet to spend money, Before I could second guess myself I was staring at the big “Install Games” button that is displayed after you have purchased a game.

Steam Sales are the MVP’s of the sales world. They give you an offer so good you literally have to question reality. The deals are so good you think the system has made a mistake so you pay for it as quick as possible before it corrects itself and then you wait a week and it’s even cheaper.

A great way that Steam gets you is it will put a game that you loved from the past on sale and it will pull a heart string. When you see that your favourite game from half a decade ago is only £3.99 you start to think about all the endless hours you spent playing and decide…”It’s so cheap, How can I say no” thinking that it will be as great as it was all those years ago. Inevitably after an hour of playing your new purchase, you’ll realise why you haven’t played it in so long and uninstall it…even though it took you 4 hours to install.

The best time of the year to actively watch the steam marketplace is around Christmas…Well, you should check it every day because you don’t want to miss those sweet deals but Christmas is the best. There are huge sales on throughout the whole Christmas period and it is great because even games that you think are too new to be on sale are half price…or at least 10% off but that’s still something.

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