Spiderman 4

Spider-Man 4 – First looks, Thoughts

Spider-Man video game is the one of most highlighted news of E3 of the current year. This game is being showcased by Sony. And it will be run on the play store through the best one sets in market. There was may be any issue with the release date of this sequel of game because, the releasing date of the game was finalised after so long.

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When it is going to be released

According to a recent news Spider-Man 4 is going to be released September 7, 2018. While, the people who are waiting for it to be released are positive its going to be a success. Many more feel that the game will be a big hit for years to come.


Peter is playing as the main lead, who is about to graduate from his college. It has been almost 8 years since he became Spider-Man and doingwell to protect and help others. As the name shows Spider-Man is a man with the powers of shooting web and can climb to the walls. Similar to the batman series, Spider-Man doesn’t kill. He uses his enhanced strengths and abilities to subdue his targets.

At the beginning of the story, peter defeats Wilson Fisk. Then a new group emerges going by the name of Inner Demons. Peter soon learns that Martin Li is the mastermind behind the Inner Demons.


It has been a long time since the web-slinger has made an appearance on the consoles and even longer time since he was swinging from webs connected to the clouds. This new iteration of Spider-Man is going to bring the hero we love into a new light and be endless fun.

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