Problem Ejecting

How to solve “Problem ejecting” issue on Windows 10

For a while I had been having an issue where Windows 10 won’t let me eject an external device saying that it is “still in use” when I have closed everything that it is doing.

Now I understand that with external devices, not all processes are completed there and then and that is why you get this issue, because it hasn’t finished everything that it has planned to do. This doesn’t help though when you’re done with it and need to go.

NOTE – Don’t just pull out your device as this can lead to the corruption of the device and if you haven’t backed up you data you will likely be at a loss.


Instead of trying to eject the device from the Taskbar navigate to a file explore



Right click on your device from the left-hand side and Select Eject from the list


This will successfully eject your device so it can be removed safely.



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