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My experience with the Samsung Gear S3

After spending yet another Valentine’s Day alone I decided to treat myself. My tech arsenal welcomed a new Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and some Powerbeats 3 Wireless. Now as sad as that sounds I got new tech…so is it really that bad.

I have been thinking about getting a Samsung Gear ever since the S2. There was something about the circular smart watch the really appealed to me. I have used a Windows Band in the past and whilst it was good for it purpose, which for me was more sports based, It didn’t have the great aesthetic feel of a watch that I felt was needed and I ended up wearing a analogue watch on my other wrist to balance it out.

I am not delusional in the sense that smart watches are just notification centre that slapped on your wrist and that is what I was looking for. I wanted a to be able to see all my notifications at a glance and the Samsung Gear S3 provided that and more. I opted for the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier in Black.

Battery Life

With a traditional watch, you strap it on out of the box and you forget that it has a battery inside it until it dies one day but that day doesn’t come for a couple years if you’re lucky. I’m the type of person that will sleep with my watch on and only take it off for sports and to shower…Now some of you may not agree with me wearing my watches all the time but I am way to forgetful to take it off all the time. I will end up wearing it less and less because I keep forgetting about it and then it will have become a wasted investment.

The S3 battery life has been amazing! Like I mentioned previously I only take my watch off to shower and for sports so during them times I put it on charge on its nice little dock. I have been using it for over a month and it hasn’t died on me once and it rarely drops below 50%.

I will say that the constant Bluetooth connection to my phone has reduced the battery life of my phone as well but the fact that I have the S3 and the Powerbeats running on Bluetooth throughout the day it is not surprising that it will have an effect.


The S3 has three forms of interaction; Touchscreen, Side buttons and the Bezel. Interacting with a watch by using the bezel is genius in my opinion and works so well with the Tizen OS. You can easily wake up and scroll through your pages by using the bezel and then give a simple click on the screen and you’re well on your way to doing anything.  The bezel also allows you to scroll through your notifications, so if you have a few that have added up since you’ve been able to check them then you can easily just scroll through them and dismiss them with a simple flick or action then by clicking on them and grabbing your phone.


The S3 looks like a high-class watch. Frankly, for the price of a smartwatch I would like it to look like it’s price bracket. The watch has been a fashion accessory for a long time and although you can get some great simple watches for a decent price the best watches, in my opinion, cost a bit more but they work in every occasion and they fit into your style. The S3 does just that. When it is at rest and the screen is black it looks like an expensive accessory that you have worked hard to get. Then it lights up and people are astonished by the fact that it’s a smart watch.

I personally believe this watch has its priorities in check. Samsung have remembered that it was a watch first and a piece of tech second. They have moulded the tech into the watch and haven’t lost anything aesthetically. They have even incorporated the interaction into the bezel of which almost all watches have.


The S3 is much more than a notification centre; It can track your steps, floors climbed, Exercise assistant, music controller, You can answer calls on it, you can reply to messages using your voice and much more.

Tracking my steps is a great way to know how active I have been and it’s a great statistic to have on a daily basis because it clearly shows If I have been lazy or not. I don’t personally use the exercise assistant that much when I’m in the gym because I wear wrist straps so there is no space for the watch unfortunately but when I’m working at the bar on the weekends it automatically kicks in and monitors my shift as an exercise. The floors climbed is a bit flawed because I go on the Tube once and I have reached my target for the week. Controlling my music is a godsend when combined with the powerbeats because I can do everything without pulling out my phone.

Answering calls and responding to texts via the watch is great…If you are alone. Personally, I don’t find this feature beneficial when out and about but that may be due to the fact that I like to be subtler when on the phone and don’t want to intrude on others daily life’s’ with my noise…but that might just be me.


All round great watch. If you are thinking about it…do it…If you aren’t thinking about it…Do it anyway. I highly doubt that you will be disappointed with this smartwatch.

P.S. This post is not sponsored I just generally like this piece of tech.

Let me know in the comments below or on twitter (@NerdCaveTech) what your thoughts are on the S3 and smart watches in general. Do you prefer any others? Or think the idea is a scam…Let me know

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