Samsung Gear S2

The Samsung Gear S2 could well be the subtlest smart watch on the market, It’s minimal and modern design allows it to blend in but stand out at the same time. The S2 has three methods of interaction, The touchscreen, the home & back buttons and the rotating bezel. I fear that if you didn’t know the S2 had a bezel then you may miss it due it blending so well.

The S2 comes in essentially two different versions. The S2 and the S2 classic. The classic is essentially everything you imagine from a classical wrist watch with its notched chunky bezel and a leather strap but it is still secretly one of the most powerful smart watches, and the bezel still rotates. There are three versions of the classic; Rose Gold, Platinum Plated and Black so it appeals to a wide market. On the flip side though there is the S2. The S2 is as futuristically minimal as it gets. It comes in black or white and it just blends in the way you would expect from a futuristic timepiece.

The design of the S2 Classic seems to be well tailored to a male audience, this could have been a design choice due to most smartwatch buyers being male or it could just be an attempt to keep the style of watches around. That being said there is the rose gold version of the classic, this may appeal to a female audience but it is chunkier than most female forward watches. The S2, on the other hand, has a very gender neutral feel and could be worn by both men and women.

This great little accessory can be used throughout the day to provide you with notifications so you don’t miss a thing. It can also be used with android pay, with its built-in NFC chip you can tap and go without even putting your hands in your pocket. Like many other smartwatches on the market the S2 connects to your phone via Bluetooth, Bluetooth 4.1 to be precise. As common with smart watches it can also be used as a pedometer and can assist you with your daily sporting activities.

The watch itself has an onboard storage capacity of 4GB. In this day and age that doesn’t sound like a lot but for a device that you carry on your wrist it is more than enough. That storage can be used for the ever-growing list of compatible apps and it can hold roughly 300 songs, so your favourite playlist can follow you anywhere.

S Health

S Health is Samsung’s exercise assistant; it can do everything from tracking your steps to comparing your water vs caffeine intake on a daily basis. It monitors your heart rate as well so you can monitor how much that run is actually killing you. With all of that technology on board the S2 wants you to get out and utilise it so it’s sends you nice motivational messages throughout the day to keep you going. You can even use the Samsung gear to monitor your sleep, that is if you don’t place it on its wireless charger when you decide to get that well-deserved beauty sleep.

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