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Samsung Chameleon TV, A TV that merges with the wall

When it comes to technology, it is clear that Samsung is showing no signs of slowing down. The company might take some time but when it introduces something the world goes crazy. Whether it is the smartphone industry or the amazing televisions, Samsung is setting the standards high in the industry. Recently, with the announcement of the Samsung Chameleon TV, come has once again set the standards high and it seems like competitors will find it hard to meet such quality. Here we have everything you need to know about the product.

Samsung Chameleon TV

Samsung Chameleon TV has been manufactured with the latest technology that will allow you to make the TV disappear. It has a special move called the chameleon mode that will allow the TV to take the same the shade or pattern as the wall on which you have mounted it. The TV will become the part of the wall and in case something is displayed on the TV it would feel like that it is the wall. You can tell everyone that you do not have a TV and people will believe your story because it will be hard for them to find the TV when it is similar to the wall.

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Here are some of the interesting features you will find in the Samsung Chameleon TV.

  1. It has been manufactured with the microLED technology that makes it the self-emitting TV. It means that you can use it in any ratio that you like.
  2. It has the non-organic LED that is long-lived as compared to the products available in the market
  3. Samsung Chameleon TV has the resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels
  4. You will get the Q9S UHD 8K Tv
  5. It has the latest upselling feature that will allow you to adjust the resolution according to the quality of content
  6. Samsung Chameleon TV has been developed with the 100 percent color volume
  7. It has the dynamic metadata of HDR10+ that will enhance your overall experience
  8. There are four new soundbars in the Samsung Chameleon TV with the latest HW-N950. You will get the side firing and front up speaker in the TV that will enhance the quality of sound
  9. It has been announced that the TV will be available in 68 to 88 inches versions

Why it is so good

The biggest attraction of the Samsung Chameleon TV is that it has amazing resolution. When you will adjust the resolution of the TV according to your requirement, you will notice that even the finest details will be clear. With the 8K UHD display the experience of playing games and watch movies will be enhanced and it will allow you to spend that quality time. You will enjoy watching the game on the TV because it will feel like you are watching the game on the wall. It will allow you to amaze everyone. Leave the TV on the temperature screen and all people will see is the temperature and not the TV screen or its boundaries. Samsung Chameleon TV is the future.

Bottom line

There are many latest technological TVs available in the market but the technology and quality you will get in the Samsung Chameleon TV are not available anywhere else. There are chances that the company will upgrade the technology with the passage of time because it is the first TV in their Samsung Chameleon TV collection. Make sure that you get your hands on the Tv because there are many individuals who are pre-ordering.

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