Nexus 6P

The Nexus 6P is, in my opinion, a great android phone…Google has done well. The device is made by Huawei and it is a subtle leader to the current smartphone race. The device was released on 29th September 2015 and it is still up there on the charts.  I personally have been a hardcore iPhone user for the past few years but earlier this year I decided to venture into the Android market for a work phone and it has made me question which one I like the most. I have been using it daily since and I actually use it more than my iPhone, not only because my work contract has unlimited internet but because the phone is just so nice to use.

Why I bought a Nexus 6P

This is the purest combination of geekiness, but it’s a great story. About a year or two ago I was working as a software developer, it was my first development job but I really enjoyed it and started to see myself going places with it. So I’ve just had my first taste of coding power and had a tiny insight into the world of technology from the back end and possibilities have started flying around my mind. The company I was working for was a start up with less than 10 people and within that there were only 4 “Tech” guys with myself included. There came a point in the development lifecycle of the product that penetration testing needed to be done on the product so that we could ensure the quality of our product and instil confidence in our clients and all that nonsense. Been as the tech team was so small I was involved in most conversations and the one of penetration testing peaked my interest, I wasn’t the one leading it but I was interested none the less. At the same time that the penetration testing was taking place I had just bought Watch Dogs for my PS4 and if you have played Watch Dogs or know anything about it I’m pretty sure you know where this is going.

I was going to become a hacking genius.

To become this hacking genius, I was going to need a “Malleable” phone that I would allow me to run all kinds of scripts and what not. This lead me to find the Nexus 5 (The 6P is coming, just wait). So after spending way too much time than I should have researching the Nexus 5 and everything that I could do with it I decided I was going to buy it…But I was broke so it got benched.

Jumping forward about a year or so now too earlier this year, I had left my software job and even moved to London. The dream of being a hacking genius was long forgotten but an opportunity arose. I needed a work phone and the memories of the Nexus 5 came flooding back. So I went searching for the Nexus 5 with the intention and the money to buy it this time. My lack of connection to the tech world had lead me to miss the release of the Nexus 6P entirely and I didn’t know it existed at this point. So I’m searching for the Nexus 5 but the 6P was all over the feeds so I got curious. I was blown away. The nexus 6P was everything I had loved from the Nexus 5 but bigger and better.

Thanks to the amazing Amazon Prime I was using the Nexus 6P the following day.

Get your Nexus here:  Huawei Nexus 6P Smartphone

About the Nexus 6P

The nexus has a stunning 5.7-inch display and the quality is gorgeous. With the help of my unlimited internet contract, I watch a lot of videos on it and it is just great to use. The Nexus has a fingerprint reader like a lot of the current smartphones have but this one changed the game. Whereas most fingerprint readers are located on the front of the device the Nexus has it’s on the back. That seems a bit out there from the norm, but it is brilliant. The reader is exactly where my index finger is so I can pick up the device and unlock it in one smooth action and I have never had an issue with the fingerprint reader, only on occasion will it unlock on the second try and not the first.

I have one gripe with using the Nexus 6P, but it isn’t to do with the Nexus. It is to do with other smartphones on the market. The Nexus using a USB-C port to charge and connect to the device. This is great until you venture into the wilderness without your USB-C cable. None of my friends even knew what a USB-C cable was not alone had one to lend me. If the USB-C takes off in the smartphone market, then it will be fine but until then I would recommend always carrying your own.

General Consensus

The Nexus 6P has received the following ratings:

Trusted Reviews – 10/10

Techradar – 4.5 / 5

CNET – 4 / 5

That is just a small selection of reviews that are out there but you can find a lot more. It seems that a lot of the world feels the same way as I do regarding this phone. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone looking for an Android or to anyone that is just looking for a cheap-ish smartphone.

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