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My BlackBerry KeyOne

Some of you may still not know what this phone. You might be naïve to the fact that there is actually a recent smart phone out that has physical buttons and a touch screen. If that is you then you need to check out my previous article about the BlackBerry Keyone.

After researching the KeyOne I fell in love with it and had to have one. I fall into that annoying category of people who have two phones. One is for my IT support work at HelpDesk Heroes and one if for my personal life. Now these two things could easily be done on one phone but as much as I wanted to get an Android phone way back when I didn’t want to let go of the simplicity of my iPhone and chose to keep them both.

I originally had a Nexus 6P which I have also written about before which was a super android phone, but it reached the end of its tough life. It worked hard for me for a very long time but when I added the addition of the Samsung Gear S3 it’s constant Bluetooth connection took its toll on the battery.

So I decided to add the BlackBerry KeyOne to my collection.

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After a very long wait as my delivery got lost I eventually had my new device. And I was over the moon with what I had. Having buttons on a smartphone is so uncommon in this day and age. I think it got old after the first week of people being so surprised about me having a phone with buttons. Frankly a lot of people are surprised that BlackBerry are still making phones.

But I love it.

The Keyboard

It didn’t take long for me to fall back into routine with the physical keyboard. Once I had all my data transferred across, life was easy. I was writing text messages to anyone and everyone just for the sake of it. I couldn’t get enough of the feel of actual keys. A downside to the physical keys is that it is harder to be used by one hand. Now you can imagine that it is a work horse of a phone and you wouldn’t have much need to type with one hand but there are a lot of occasions when I do. It is doable but it’s a lot harder.

BlackBerry Hub

After tiring myself out I decided to actually explore the phone further and see what BB was bringing to the Android game that wasn’t being done elsewhere. That’s when I found BlackBerry Hub.

Blackberry Hub makes my life so easy. I have 6 email addresses that are all in use and I have clients messaging me via whatsapp and people sending me traditional text messages (I know, This still happens). BB hub puts all of this in one place and it makes my life so easy. I never miss a message of any kind.

My Thoughts

I really like this phone. If you do a lot of work on your phone, then I would definitely recommend it. If you just watch films and play games on your phone, then I don’t think this is the right fit. Due to it having the keyboard taking up the lower section of the phone it has a smaller screen.

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