Millennials and Tech

Have you noticed that millennials rely on tech religiously? Being a millennial that lives a tech based life, I certainly have. The fact that older generations are so afraid of tech is what provides the market for my job but that’s besides the point.

After meeting with a friend who is at the opposite end of the generation gap it was interesting to hear his point of view on our generation and how they use technology. Now to paint a picture, this man refused to use a self-service checkout to buy his morning news paper due to it being too impersonal and he wanted to pay with cash instead of using his card. He caused enough of a scene that shoppers around him offered to buy the newspaper for him just to calm him down.

This same man asked me, “What is it with your Generation and screens? It’s too impersonal”.

Why do we prefer screens to people?

People are mean, well they can be. For the longest time I was very against any interaction that didn’t have a screen in between me and the other person. In my case, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to talk to the person. I was just too scared. There seems to be an innate shyness that is slowly taken over the new generations and it is no fault of their own.

I realised from my own experience that I didn’t like talking to people because I hadn’t much experience with it. My biggest memory of this issue is ordering pizza. I don’t know if there was a website back when I had most of my social anxieties but to the best of my knowledge the only way to order a take away, short of going to the shop and waiting, was over the phone.

This was my worst nightmare because I didn’t want to talk to people. I was afraid that they would reject me or be mean and all the other melodramatic thoughts that come to an anxiety riddled mind.

I struggled with talking to people because I had always been protected by my parents. The new generation is protected by their screens. This, is why they favour the screens…because it is all they know.

People can be taught to become “peoples people” instead of being screen people but the older generation needs to have more of an open mind. Not only on the matter of the tech that is available but for the generation that knows nothing but the tech. They don’t know balance and therefore have fallen to the other end of the spectrum.

What do we need to do?

We need to meet in the middle and teach both what we have been brought up with. The older generation needs to teach the millennials how to be social and the millennials need to teach there elders how to use snapchat…appropriately.

I don’t think that this is a bad thing because the possibilities are endless when you allow tech to augment your life but there needs to be a limit so that we don’t lose touch to our basic human need of interaction.


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