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Make $100 mil playing Fortnite?!

The ideal platform for taking any game to the latest levels of advancements through technology is none other than esports that is a trending business for the professional gamers to get involved in the real exchange of their individual capabilities and gaming talents.

Having said that, any game that is introduced to the market audience and receives an unexpected and phenomenal response from the gamers deserves the esports platform, regardless of its high or low-end or otherwise marketing techniques. Fortnite is no doubt one of the biggest game releases of 2018 that is receiving a remarkable response from the professional and celebrity gamers for being introduced to the world of esports.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an online survival game that involves multiple gamers to play it, only for the one surviving at the end by making their way through the final levels. The game has to be played by the gamer by creating their own surviving structures to experience the next levels and also cross them with an exceptional success. The thing that makes Fortnite different from the usual survival games is its amazing 3D techniques and degrees of anticipation for the gamer to experience the fine gaming venture like never before.

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The popularity

The fact that Fortnite has still not been completely released and a small glimpse to the game has been introduced for the target audience to have an idea about it, has made it encounter some serious popularity that is definitely working in its favor. This reality can be realized by taking a look at the success rate of its recently released gaming category called the Royale Battle. This is said to be just a trailer by the makers and the original game will be showcased at the esports tournament 2018.

This one is an extraordinary marketing technique that has allowed the makers to not only improve its features but also have an idea of its audiences and the popularity that it will provide to the e-sports.

The prize pool

The popularity that Fortnite has gained by the celebrity s being equally involved in it is also allowing it the media exposure that it truly deserves. This is why the expectation for its prize pool had also been higher than the other Esports games that have been set to $100 million that is the biggest prize till date for any Esports game. Also, this prize pool has allowed more competition for the professional gamers who are best in their own genre.

The competition

The competition for the Fortnite gamers has been raised to the next level gaming venture never experienced before by any game in the world of Esports. This is why it is one of the most hyped games of Esports 2018 that can be figured out by taking a look at its professional features, the extraordinary prize pool, and the number of expert gamers including the celebrities.

Fortnite, the Royale Battle, will open new and improved ways for the Esports games to enter into the high-end collective gaming experience and its prize pool is definitely going to play the role of the game changer in terms of higher expectations and better gaming opportunities.

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