Can gaming bridge social classes

How gaming can bridge a social class

Whilst dividing ourselves into social class isn’t really a healthy way of us all living together it is a fact that there are many different types of people. That being said, no one class is better than the other and despite the odds of you staying in the same class as your are brought up in anyone can skip through the classes as they wish with enough work.

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Gaming is great because people don’t create games for certain types of people. Games are created for the masses. That means that they are to be enjoyed by everyone without prejudice. Yes, some games may lean towards  certain crowd and will make more sense to others but it doesn’t exclude anyone because it allows people who aren’t in that certain circle to get an insight about different cultures/classes and allows them to learn things that they may not be exposed to within their daily routine…maybe not in their lifetime.

The school that I grew up in was by far not one of the “top tier” schools and housed many people that aren’t growing up with any cushions of money to support them and are putting in the work to be able to sit at the table. There were the odd few that had parents who have already been through the struggle and have come out on the other side with a healthy bank account and stories to tell for a lifetime.

Now these two types of people are in different stages of the hustle and frankly live different lives. Whilst these different types of people will have completely different opportunities laid out in front of them they are still exposed to the same games. This is were the common ground comes from and will allow people to put aside their differences and enjoy a good old game.

In my experience, I have found that the most talked about games are things such as CoD, FIFA and 2k. These games are generally competitive and can invoke a lot of different emotions out of the players but they also bring a certain level of respect. Whilst it may hurt for someone to totally destroy you in a game of FiFa to the point that you want to throw your console out the window, you respect the person who has done it because they have put the time in to become that level of player…Or they are just one of those people that have a natural talent for games, those people you can hate.

Games provide a platform where people from all walks of life can come together and enjoy something. When you meet someone in an lobby, all you know about that person is there rank for that game. Anything else in life is irrelevant.

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