Far Cry 5

I remember the first time I heard about the Far Cry series. I was in an Xbox Live party with a friend and he started laughing like there was no tomorrow. For ages he was just howling to himself. When he eventually composed himself he was like “Brooooo, You need to play this game” and of course I’m like “What Game?” and he says “Far Cry 2 man, you can do some crazy stuff. I just ran over Zebra! HAHAH! I just did it again.” I’m not ashamed to say, I wanted to run over some Zebra so when Far Cry 3 was released I jumped all over that game so that I could get the chance to explore the vast realm that came with it.

Now the latest iteration in the Far Cry Series is Far Cry 5 which is set to be released 27th February 2018.

The new Far Cry is to set in Montana but in its own county called Hope County. Throughout the county there is a rising cult of supremacist that are causing mayhem doing the bidding of one man that you meet you early in the game.

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In true FC fashion you have “Strongholds”, which in this case are small towns that have been overrun by the supremacists that need to be returned to the local people. The truly open world map allows you to freely go where you want and depict your own narrative. Whilst in most games you may feel that when you get distracted along the way of the main story you aren’t progressing and are just enjoying your time, no matter which direction you chose to go in FC 5 you will be actively working towards the main story line.

A new feature to the FC franchise is the inclusions of companions. There are three companions in the game that you will run into depending on which direction your story takes you and it can never be certain when you will run into them and how much they will help you at that time. The three companions are:

Grace - SniperGrace – Grace is the sharp shooting sniper that will cover from a water tower or hill just out of the way of the main fire fight, but she will protect your back and knock down any enemies that you can line up for her.

Nick – This maniac will bring his modified plane into the fight to provide you will air support in the sticky situations. He will come in for a bombing run leaving nothing but devastation in its wake.

Boomer – Dog. Yes, that’s right. You can have a dog! Boomer will accompany you by your side and in true “Man’s best friend” nature will protect and serve. Boomer can be used to disarm and maim enemies, or he can be used to turn the tide on a bear attack and have him chasing the bear away allowing you the upper hand to run and survive or get yourself some fresh bear pelt.Nick - Air Support

Depending which companion you have with you at the time will change the outcome of a fight and it will change you’re fighting style because you will be able to steak around and spot people for grace or just cause pure devastation with a bombing run. Either way the end result will be the same…A lot of dead enemies.

Also, would it be Montana if you couldn’t fish? You can take a break from the killing and adventure to just enjoy one of nature’s wonders and test your skills with a fishing rod. Allowing you the bragging rights to your friends when you catch the biggest fish of the week.

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