Dodgy looking email

Chances are you have received an email that just feels wrong. It might look legit but it just doesn’t feel right. More often than not in this day and age this will be a phishing email. When you go fishing you throw bait into the water and see what bites. That is exactly what this email is doing. It will have been sent to thousands of different people to see who will fall for the scam and click through it.

The severity of these emails can differ…Some of they may just be out to find low level information like your email address or maybe your phone number but others will want to acquire your credentials for websites that may have your bank account linked to.

Some of the bigger websites like Amazon or Paypal have a higher chanced of being spoofed for phishing. Commonly people will clone an email from one of them and change the links on the email. To the naked eye you won’t be able to tell what is different because it is all behind the scenes. This will then take you to a page that is cloned from the amazon login page. This will probably log you in if the person trying to access your details has built it well. Along with longing you in though, it will save your credentials so that they can access your account at a later date and make purchases on your card.

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Rule of thumb

A good rule of thumb for any email that seems odd or for any email that is from a big company that has your sensitive details saved. Don’t click the links. If the website is asking you to change your password or do something on the website. Go to the website directly. For Example:

You receive an email that appears to be from Amazon but it doesn’t feel right. It may ask you to change your password or authorise a change or just generally log in.

Instead of clicking any of the links within the email you are better off navigating to the website yourself within your web browser and logging in. So, in this example you would go to in your web browser md log in that way. This does a few seconds on to the whole transaction if you do need to action something but generally there is nothing that comes through because the email wasn’t legit

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