Gaming Addiction

Curbing a gaming addiction

Since the day I got my Xbox 360 back in secondary school, I have been addicted to gaming. What can I say, it’s satisfying to jump into a game and forget the world. One minute you could be shoulder to shoulder with your brothers in arms whilst hunting down the enemy team and the next you could be taking a sunset cruise down Los Santos’s beach. The possibilities are endless.

Despite my love for gaming I am currently living a gamers nightmare. I have no means for gaming. When I moved out of my parents’ house and decided to try my luck in the “big city” I left my gaming PC behind so that I could focus on the “grind”. Another reason I left it behind due to it being my pride and joy not having the security in my new home as I did back with my parents made me think twice about bringing it with me.

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I have been without my beast for over 2 years now…and it’s painful. My life has become a meme because I am constantly just watching ‘Let’s Play’ on YouTube and getting stressed when people can’t see things or think about the things that I can.

When the day comes that I have no responsibilities and I can just game for a whole week it is going to be amazing! The amount of games that I have listed that I want to play or replay gets longer by the day. There are so many things that I need to catch up on and I kind of just want to run over random NPC’s on GTA.


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