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Battlefield 5 copying Fortnite?

Gamers are always in pursuit of finding new advancements that different games have to offer. An innovation or improvement in a particular game makes it more entertaining to play. That is the reason most game creating companies are always striving to make their games more interesting and amusing to play. This quality that different games offer, make it even more playful and this way a gamer is always involved in the game, searching for newer versions as a result game player never get bored and never get enough of playing the game.

Gamers around the globe are going insane after the EA play conference on June 10. The main E3 announcement, for which players are going crazy for, is that the Battlefield 5 will have a battle royale mode after sometime its release this year.

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What is battle royale mode?

Battle royal mode is the advancement that led to the huge success of Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). After that many game franchise is considering to add a battle royal mode to their games. Recently Call of duty: Black ops 4 also announced that they have a battle royal mode in development and now EA has also confirmed adding battle royale mode to Battlefield 5. However, much detail is not given about the mode, but a few insights. The DICE confirmed that the battle royal mode will include the action and destruction that the Battlefield franchise is so famous for, and promised that the destruction, team play and vehicles will be of such an experience that people have not seen before. The battle royale mode in Battlefield 5 is much awaited and creating curiosity among people.

The destructibility and action mentioned by the DICE, reveals that this battle royal mode will have much more action and carnage than people are used to. The game was revealed by EA and DICE in May, verifying that the game will be a plot in World War II, which DICE describes as “real and relatable people experiencing the brutality of World War II”. It will have a new fortification mode in which players will build and destroy defensive structures and forms.

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However, we do not know that how big this battle royale mode will be and how it will work. In cases of other games, battle royale mean a 1 vs. 100 fight to the death, but battle royale mode for Battlefield 5 is still a secret. Though, it has been confirmed that Battlefield 5 will have new and refined multiplayer modes.

The game, Battlefield 5 will be available for gamers on October 19, but those who are a subscriber of EA and preorder the game will be able to play it on October 16. However, the battle royale mode will be available and released later as a downloadable update. This game can be played on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Windows PC. You can take a look on Battlefield 5 trailer to take an insight into the game.


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