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Atari VCS killing it’s Indiegogo goal!

A gaming venture that allows its audience to get completely involved in it and also contribute to its next big release is the best thing that the passionate gamers could experience. This is exactly what’s happening with Atari VCS that is about to get released just after finishing its crowdfunding.

The company that was earlier anxious to gather funds for releasing the next big venture faced huge amazement in the form of the massive turnout of people who showed interest in it and left everyone in shock.

The amazement is real and could not get any better. The fans are trying their best to encounter the ideally updated gaming series that is beyond imagination. This might also be the reason for the unexpected funding results that the makers are totally flabbergasted at.

Atari Joystick

Image Credit – VCS Indiegogo Page

What is Atari VCS?

Atari VCS is a gaming adventure that is designed with a device that allows the gamers to engage in the game by encountering a 3D experience. The makers of the game are trying hard for its positive progression in a limited period of time considering its popularity among the target audience. While the design and format of the game are being taken to another level of amazement and 3D fantasy, the makers still feel there is enough space for it to be promoted to another level of success.

Atari VCS has been steady in its plans and marketing schemes and very well know what’s in the good interest. For this purpose, the makers have collaborated with Indiegogo for the maximum crowdfunding to help the game in reaching its intended role in providing the audience with the best gaming facilities ever released.

What is Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding website on the internet that has businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketing platforms on board which help it run successfully. While Atari VCS is trying to gather some funds by giving rewards to the people who donate or fund the money, it has been able to cross the target in just a few hours of time. Indiegogo is a reliable crowdfunding website, unlike the others that do not operate through a systematic online procedure that involves the perfect balance of giving and take.

With the help of Indiegogo, business ventures like Atari VCS are making their way to phenomenal success in the limited time that was totally unexpected.

Atari VCS

Image Credit VCS Indiegogo Page

How far is Atari VCS to its Indiegogo goal?

While Atari VCS had a goal of collecting a $100,000 for the next big gaming venture, it has been able to collect $1.5 million in just one hour of being launched on Indiegogo by offering pre-orders to the target audience. This has to be one of the biggest achievements n the history of Indiegogo where the audiences have funded an outstanding amount in just a few hours as the total sum doubled in the next hour.

Atari VCS is going strong on Indiegogo by being able to collect a massive amount in a few hours and if it remains the same over the coming hours and days, it will have enough in the bank to disrupt the gaming industry as we know it.


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