Assassins Creed Origins

Assassins Creed Origins

Assassins Creed Origins is the 10th iteration to a gaming series that has blessed out lives for the past decade, with the original Assassins Creed being released in 2007. In recent years some have found that the AC brand had become a bit stale as it was all the same clunky engine throughout the different iterations.

Whilst I haven’t yet got my hands on a copy of the new AC, from what I have seen across the internet, it looks like they have changed the game as we know it. The game has shifted to more of an RPG and it even looks like it has taken a step towards Far Cry. But at its core, AC still has stealth and you are able to utilise the hidden blade…Just how we like it.

Release date

Assassins Creed Origins will be available on the 27th October 2017 and will be compatible with Xbox, PlayStation and PC.


In the past, the combat in AC has been slightly restricted…Not that we minded because AC brought a whole new style of combat to that that we are accustomed to but it began to get tedious. You jump into a crowd of enemies and just go crazy at them and wait until one of them attempted to strike you and counter and take them down. Don’t get me wrong, I used to do this regularly and I would be proud of the outcome but there wasn’t much challenge to it. If you had enough patience and good reactions then any fight could be dealt with accordingly.

Combat in the AC has become more free flowing allowing for different ranges of combat to happen. There is also a whole new arsenal of weapons that are available to be used that all come with different fighting styles. From Bows to Maces they all have their benefits.

Not only is the combat freer flowing but you are no longer restricted to just fighting soldiers / other humans. In the new iteration you can fight a whole host of animals from crocodiles to desert coyotes. This gives the game a bit of a Far Cry feel but it expands the range of the game in great way.

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Origins Is based In Ancient Egypt and you enrol as Bayek, protector of Egypt. You get to explore a never before seen Egypt and explore hidden and unknown tombs and investigate the mummies of Egypt. All whilst discovering the history behind the beloved Creed.

If you have ever quit AC and left it hidden in your pile of games because you did so many side quests and lost track of the main story, Origins even has an answer for that. Now all quests have a mini narrative so that no matter how distracted you get you will still feel like you are actively working on the main goal. Keeping you engrossed and entertained for even longer.

Progression driven

Previously in AC you played through the story earning money and gaining new weapons as you went along but Origins has introduced levels. Everything within the game now gives XP which is used to level up throughout the game. Enemies and quests will be levelled as well so you can see what your chances of success are by comparing your level to that of the obstacle in front of you.

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