What is NerdCave?

NerdCave is a collection of my thoughts and opinions. It is based around my interests and things that I think may be helpful to others. It is a combo of games and tech that I think are cool and innovative or have had the great pleasure of using or dreaming of using…

There is also the IT side to the blog which incorporates some of my daily questions from my clients and things that I think may need further explaining for people. I want to make it known that most of the subjects in the IT category are generally subjects that I was un clear with myself and after some further research put together some information to try and help others.

I will also be dropping in hints of the greatest IT support tickets I come accross and if you work in the same industry you can send your greatest tickets in as well and be featured on the category.

Who Am i?

My Name is Joshua Lawrence and I am currently 20 years old (96 baby) and I am an IT support engineer that works in and around London. I haven’t always lived in London, I was born and raised in Nottingham but one day I got bored of the routine and decided to jump ship and see what trouble I could cause in London. I have been here for over a year now and so far I couldn’t be happier.

I am actually the Co-Founder to an IT support company that is based in London – HelpDesk Heroes¬†– So if you or anyone you know needs any on-site / remote IT support or any other of our wide range or services don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I am a big fan of Tech and have been for a long time, It was something that was passed down from my dad…Who still uses floppy discs to this day. I am also really into going to the gym and keeping fit…though I don’t think I have done cardio in…ever. Now I know you might be surprised to think that someone that goes to the gym could be a techie…subtle geek…We are a thing people. To add even more controversy to my image I also ride a motorbike around London and despite having already crashed several times I will be on two, Motorised, wheels for the foreseeable future.

If you would like to connect to me personally go check out my Instagram (@Guy_With_An_Orange_Tie) or add me on Facebook.

If you would like to keep up and connect with the blog go to the Contact where you can find all the information regarding NerdCave.Tech