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3 Smart Backpacks that you didn’t know you needed

Seeing low battery on your mobile phones and laptop is the worst feeling ever. To avoid this, you may be interested in one of the finest smart backpacks. High-end luggage producer introduced backpack lines to meet the buyer demand for stylish bags. Now a day, backpacks are more modern and regular carry-on for travelling.

Smart backpacks are like a usual backpack, but they are more technical and genius. They are innovated to meet the requirements of the style of living of modern man. You can play your tunes, locate them, get power from sun and charge your device. Smart backpacks almost contain everything which you require on the road. It gives you convenience and peace of mind where you are at gym or travelling. They have different feature which depends on the manufacturers.

Let’s see the best smart backpacks out there highlighting a list of inventive technology.


This Hiking Backpack has a 3.5W solar and LEDs for night.

It has a solar pack that you can put on your backpack while you climb up. It will marinate and absorb up the solar energy, so you’ll have sufficient charge come nighttime. A battery of 2000 mAh waterproof Li-Polymer battery has already packed into it, which stores energy The backpack also contains LED chips, which you can employ as emergency light or just your source of light in the critical situation. It has 3 lighting modes:

  • Low
  • High
  • SOS/Emergency flashing.

The Amazon users who analyse the pack have given different reviews. Majority of them liked its design and style, particularly those who used for hiking and travelling. One of the users alerted that you should not get this with you in plane because it was taken away because it had not any size blotching on the battery.

  • This bag almost cost about $100.


USB charging Laptop backpack

Sosoon has an exterior USB charging port, and a fitted charging cable, which allows you to travel with total peace of mind. You’ll have to supply it with your own battery bank. You’ll get rid of those awkward charging situations and you’ll never have to be without a dying battery.  The Poros can grip your laptop for you with a devoted padded compartment that can compensate laptops with a 15.6-inch screen. Its secret zipper and unseen pockets make it more comfy. This bag gets a 4.6-star rating on Amazon. Users cherish its amazing quality, its reachable concise pockets, its huge compartment for extra space, and the durable construction. There is no more perfect thing for college students and for business travelers. It is a long lasting with simpler charging solutions. It is best for travelers and make your journey as much as comfortable, you expected.

Key Advantages:

  • Tough case fabric stuff and weatherproofed
  • Impressive Fitted speakers
  • Built-in 5200 mAh battery
  • In market, this Backpack price is $70.


TYLT Energy Backpack

The backpack has plenty of storage space and devoted pockets for everything of your use it has

  • Laptop Section ,
  • Place for a headphone
  • Side compartment for bottle
  • Also an extra bag for your accessories.

Due to this planned sections and pockets makes it more comfortable to take everything out without being getting dropped of the things. The strategic placement of the compartments and pockets makes it convenient to take out a certain thing without having to get everything out. It has different USB ports to charge Smartphone and tablet. It also provides the facility to keep your cables tangle-free by cable pass through system. Company got a good review because user got stayed charged while being able to keep all the belongings.In market, its price is about $150.

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