Xbox One S

Xbox One S

The Xbox One S Is the latest upgrade for the Xbox One line and it brings in some surprisingly big differences from the Xbox One.

The Xbox One S is a shocking 40% smaller than its predecessor and it is the same if not more powerful than it. The fact that the console is so small it makes it one of the sleekest looking consoles on the market at this time. You may be thinking that with the decrease in size then it would have had to chop out a few things but you’d be surprised. The only major thing that has been dropped from this iteration is the dedicated Kinect Port…But the Kinect is currently heading in the same direction as the Wii. If you do use a Kinect, then you will be able to connect it to the Xbox One S with an adapter to the USB port but the adapter will be sold separately so don’t get caught out.

The S also has an upgrade in the storage department with the addition of the 2 TB version. The 500GB and 1TB versions will still be available but they have a delayed release date. The smaller casing is also housing an internal power supply and an IR (infrared) blaster that sits where the dedicated Kinect port would have been. The IR blaster will allow you to control other devices around your console like your TV and Audio/Video receiver.

The new console has a boost in processing power also to adhere to the HDR (High Dynamic Range) gaming and the Ultra HD 4k blue-ray and streaming. When compared to its predecessor the S did outperform it but only by a smidge.

Another piece of hardware that got an upgrade was the controller. It has an all new sleeker look to match the smaller console size. It has a wireless range double that of its previous versions. Along with those it also uses Bluetooth technology so it can be used with your Windows 10 devices such as your desktop, Laptop and even some tablets.

Xbox One S Controller

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General Consensus

I think the new look is really working for the Xbox One S and a lot of people agree that the new style is a really good move for it. The S has a white finish to it and it really seems to be sitting well with the community.

I will re-iterate that the Xbox One S does not have a dedicated Kinect Port because I have seen a lot of comments from unhappy people who don’t know what to do with their Kinect now. Personally, I feel like those comments are un-justified because if you purchased the Xbox One S checking to see if it had one is a bit foolish.

All in All, the new Xbox One S looks great and has some really cool features but personally if you have a Xbox One already I wouldn’t rush out to upgrade, I would keep an eye on what Microsoft has in store for 2017.

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