PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is set to be released on the 10th of November 2016 and along with changes to its hardware it is bringing with it changes to the life cycles of the game console as we know it.

As to be expected from the upgrade to a next-gen console, which may soon be old-gen, there are some technical improvements that will make for a better gaming experience and better streaming capabilities. As with the Xbox One S the console has had some upgrades in preparation for VR gaming that is soon to take over the gaming market. The graphics have also seen an improvement which will work a lot better with the ever-growing market of 4K TV’s that are available.

If history was anything to go by we would be waiting another 3 years before we saw the next-next generation of consoles but it seems that the lifecycles of consoles are soon to be similar to that of a phone, 2-3 years apart. This is probably due to the ever changing face of technology that is currently present and waiting for 6 years would severely restrict the power that game developers would be able to use compared to the technology that is available.

Personally, I get frustrated enough with my phone being outdated not alone my gaming console…So I would definitely feel the need to be upgrading but I don’t know if I could justify it…I think I’ll just stick to PC gaming and upgrade my rig a little bit when the time is right.

Let us know on twitter (@NerdCaveTech) if you would be up for buying a new console every other year.

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