No Man’s Sky

What is it?

No Man’s Sky is an exploration game like no other. We have heard of open world games, but this is open universe. In this endless galaxy, you get to travel around the universe exploring never before seen planets. Due to the games complex algorithms, there are over 18 quintillion possible planets to explore. In your quest to reach the centre of the galaxy you encounter various different alien species throughout. Some of these species will be friends and others will be foes, you have to be vigilant at all times.

This action-adventure survival game has been brought to the world by Hello Games, And this is only their 5th Game. No Man’s sky was released in August, but to our surprise, it hasn’t been released on Xbox One, Only PS4 and PC.

What Makes No Man’s Sky Special?

As mentioned above there is an endless exploration zone throughout the galaxy. You play as a Planetary explorer, or “Traveller” as you are referred to in the game. At the beginning of the game, you start on a random planet, out of the 18 quintillion, near a crashed spacecraft. You are equipped with a survival exo-suit that has a jet pack on and a multi-tool which can be used to scan, mine and collect resources as well being used for attacking and defending.

Despite the game being super open there is essentially still a story behind it. You are assisted throughout the game by an entity that is known as Atlas. Atlas assists you on your quest and guides you to reach the centre of the galaxy, the promise land.

The 18 quintillion planets and stars are all created through a procedural generator using deterministic algorithms and a random number generator from a single seed. That sounds super complicated but it works and despite what you might think, it’s not that heavy on the server. Due to the surrounding area being created by the algorithms using your current location, So that other players can see the same thing you do when in the same location, there isn’t that much that needs to be held on the server.

All of these game-changing advances provide us with the some of the best landscape views that have been seen in games to date.

Along your journey towards the centre of the galaxy, you collect Atlas stones which are used once you reach the centre of the galaxy for a great surprise.

No Mans Sky Image 2

General Consensus

No Man’s Sky has received the following ratings:

Despite these numbers looking good for the game, it has also caused a stir in the online world. Many people that includes players of the game disagree with these numbers. A great majority of the fan base feels like it has been let down by the developers. They feel that the developers at Hello Games sold them a dream and didn’t deliver on it and the game is missing a lot of features that were promised in pre-release interviews. Many people have also mentioned that the game was released “too early” and that it should have been held back so that they could properly finish and test some features. Despite all of that the game topped the charts for sales in its first week of release but unfortunately saw a drastic drop in week two.

About No Mans Sky

Platforms: PS4, PC

Minimum PC Specification:

Operating System: Windows 7 or above

Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon X4 730

GPU: GeForce GTX 480 or Radeon HD 6970

Memory: 8GB RAM

Storage: 10 GB available hard drive space

You can find the full specification here


Get your copy here:  No Man’s Sky (PS4)

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