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Could Get Virtual be the AdSense of the 3D world?

It is no secret that when VR is becoming a more and more relevant technology for everyday users and it only make sense that it advances in every direction. Now for a long time the main way for content creators of the tech world have been able to produce revenue through AdSense which is run by google. As a matter of fact, the ads you see on this page are provided via AdSense.

There is a new player in the game for 3D advertising and they go by the name of Get Virtual. GV works as a platform for both publishers and advertisers and it has truly changed the game. With custom environments that can be built from scratch by any developer allows for ads of all types to find a home where users will interact with it in and way that hasn’t been seen before. It may be wrong of me to compare GV so directly to AdSense but it gives a clear understanding of the how it works.


As to be expected from such a company they are already working with some of the leading VR technologies. To date they are working with:

Google Cardboard

Daydream View

Samsung Gear VR

PlayStation VR

Get Virtual

As you can see from the range of technologies the company has integrated itself into various markets. These markets include; Real Estate, Gaming, Education, Health / Medical, Live events and much more. You can taste the possibilities within the Real Estate industry because you will be able to view houses all around the world without leaving your home. Not only will you be able to view the new properties from your house but you’ll be able to try out different furnishing and really get a feel for what the property will look like when you add your personal flare to it.

Gaming VR has become a huge thing and will only get bigger as time goes on. With a platform such as GV which allows publishers of 3D content to be able to earn some revenue then it will bring a lot more attention to the technologies and therefore we will be seeing a bigger jump in the amount of games that will be produced in VR.


Publishers are the people that develop the 3D environments which are also known as Holonode’s in the GV world. These publishers can create and upload their Holonode’s to the platform and then they can have a say of what time of adverts are to be used within their respected platforms.

This is much like a website that creates content on regular basis but is based towards a certain market. For example if you had a fashion based environment you wouldn’t want a it full of furniture objects…Although it could make a fashion studio look more appealing.

Get Virtual


Advertisers are the people who have a product that the world to see. They want to show case it in certain environments to allow users to see how amazing their product will look in the real world. This can range from a video to a text advert and all the way to a 3D object file.

Get Virtual

Get Virtual acts as a middle ground that allows the two sides of the coin work on what they do best. Go check out GetVirtual and see how they could be running your future Ads.

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