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You see a lot of things online that say if you want to be a true PC gamer then you have to have a custom build…In my opinion that’s not true. Personally I believe that to be a true gamer is to be about the game. It doesn’t matter if you have an out-the-box PC, a custom build made by yourself or even a console of your choosing.

If you decide to go down the custom build route though you are in for some fun. I personally was a strange mixture of excited and scared, which told me I was definitely doing the right thing. My first attempt at collating a beast in theory didn’t go too well. I was new to the hardware scene and didn’t really know about what was good and bad. I collected a list of things I thought would be good and sent it to a friend of mine who knew more than I did.
The next time I saw that friend I had the great realisation that I had no idea what I was doing and would need to do a bit more homework before I could confidently purchase what I wanted.
I find myself doing this too often but I would always go onto something like amazon and ebuyer and spec out a build and just get so excited I would want to buy it. If I had the funds and the time I would do it every day. The thrill of receiving the fantastic pieces of hardware is amazing. The excitement you get when you get your first boot up is amazing.

Don’t get me wrong though, it is not all fun and games. With my build the wait was the worst part for me. I was so excited but I was at the mercy of the delivery dates. This stressed me out for about 2 weeks because I would get random parts every so often. It felt like a life time before all the parts where there. Once I had all the parts it wasn’t so perfect. I put it together and it wouldn’t boot. For about 2 days I was going round in circles trying to figure out why it wouldn’t boot. It was only after those 2 days of trying different things that I realised there was some wrong connections to the motherboard which wouldn’t allow it to boot.
After all that headache I got the machine to boot. I was over the moon. I had my fresh copy of windows 7 ready to install. I threw the disc into the reader and couldn’t have been happier. Then the errors came. I had hit another brick wall. For a reason that was unknown to me at this point I could not for the life of me install the OS.
A week had passed before I gave up hope of coming across the solution on my own so I took the machine to my local IT shop which do repairs. The policy for this shop is that you don’t pay anything to give them the machine but if they fix it no matter how small/big the issue is, you pay £30. In my mind this was a serious issue and would merit the £30.
The next day I got a phone call from the shop saying I owed them £30 and I could pick up my machine when I was ready. It turned out that one of the 2 RAM cards was in the wrong slot…That was it. 30 quid to move 1 card to another slot…
Now I couldn’t be happier with my machine because I could upgrade it at will. But the heartache I went through to just get to this point was immense. But I wouldn’t go back.

So if you are thinking about building your own PC I would say…Do it! just make sure that you do proper research before hand and buy quality items.

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter (@NerdCaveTech) your first experiences with custom PC builds.


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