Why the Amazon Kindle Is such a good e-reader

For those of you who haven’t used an e-reader or don’t know what it is, It is essentially an electronic book. Now there are many apps out there in the world that allow you to just get a book on your smartphone and you can just read it on that. Now, I don’t know about you but that doesn’t really work for me. I can’t spend endless amounts of time reading on my phone, Unless the group chat is getting interesting. This is where the Kindle comes in.

I have been the proud owner of the Kindle Paperwhite 6th generation since 2014. I will admit that I haven’t used it constantly for those 3 years but I have always had it packed and ready to go with many books. One of the true beauties of taking a book and making it electronic is that it doesn’t take up hardly any space and that’s both physical space and hard drive space.

Living in London I spend a lot of my time crammed onto the underground with a handful of strangers that are all just trying to get to work, as I am. You will notice though, that whilst there are still a lot of people who prefer to carry books with them there is also a lot of people that will whip a kindle out from their back pocket once they are pressed up against the doors.

It is by far one of the best travel accessories because it falls into a rare category of technology. It doesn’t require charging every day, In fact it only requires charging once every 8 weeks…That is right it actually lasts as long as it says it does. Not only does it not need charging everyday but it doesn’t require a constant Wi-Fi connection. Granted you need Wi-Fi to download the books of your choice but once they are on your Kindle you are free to roam to your hearts content.

I have lost myself in books on Tubes, Trains, Planes, Coffee shops even walking down the street because I couldn’t put the book down until I had finished the chapter. In our current technological state, we are all fascinated by all the new technologies and we often overlook all the great things we have already have. Using a Kindle connects you to the great and wacky minds of the authors of the world and allows them to share life changing knowledge and stories.

8 weeks Battery Life

Now I mentioned above that the kindle lasts for 8 weeks and I’m sure you’re wondering how such a thing could be possible. The screen of a kindle uses a technology known as e-ink. With an E-ink screen the only time that energy Is used is when you change the page. For the whole time, you are ready a page, whether it be seconds, minutes or hours there is negligible amounts of power being used for the backlight if you have it on.

When the time does come that you need to charge your device you will get a calm warning saying that you need to charge your device. I treat this warning as I do the petrol light in my car…You know you need to top up, but you also know you’ve got a while before it gets serious. I have dragged out my kindle for at least another week or so with the battery warning on and it never falters.

No Glare screen

I have abused my kindle and the screen has paid the price. There are several scratches and some cracks in the screen that allow a bit of light from the backlight to escape and yet, It still works as good as it did when I first bought it. The screen still acts as if it is an actual piece of paper and it looks just like it is. No matter what kind of lighting you are reading in there is always a clear page to look at.


If that hasn’t convinced you to go out and buy one, Maybe this will…It is only £59!*

*At time of publishing


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