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Tech Featured Post

My experience with the Samsung Gear S3

Posted by NerdCave - April 3, 2017

After spending yet another Valentine’s Day alone I decided to treat myself. My tech arsenal welcomed a new Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and some Powerbeats 3 Wireless. Now as sad as that sounds I got new tech…so is it really that bad.

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Gaming Featured Post

Top 10 games of 2016 – Unit Sales and thoughts

Posted by NerdCave - February 7, 2017

This is a quick round-up of the best-selling games of last year. Some of the games on the list are a bit of shock but most of them you would expect to see them on the list. There are a few however that didn’t make the list, which is very surprising. However, I understand that my taste in games is very different to the masses, personally I’d be happy with new releases of Far Cry and Assassins Creed and I would be content with life. (Side Note – I am a big Ubisoft fan, they just seem to make all my favourite games).

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IT Featured Post

What is RAID

Posted by NerdCave - January 12, 2017

RAID stands for – Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. Well It used to be known as that but It is now commonly known as Redundant Array of Independent Disks.

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